Friday, June 24, 2011

Honda Scoopy

Fanatics in the world caliber riders Valentino Rossi, legitimate aja. Though to prove his eye, it is not always done through the same brand mounts. As performed Liauw Auryn Norbert, owner of a Honda Scoopy two weeks ago joined uproar event MOTOR Plus Skubek Contezt 2011 in Bung Karno, Senayan.

On location, Liauw skubek Honda classic style to dress it look more sporty. "The body is roomy Scoopy diairbrush flower motifs such as Rossi's Yamaha motorcycle racing once had appeared once. I think if applied to the body Scoopy is more appropriate and obvious kefanatikannya, "convinced the citizens Jl. No headland. 10, Jati Pulo, East Jakarta.

Rossi-style flower motif can be seen from tebeng front, middle, side to the stern. Even in the middle skubek Honda's retro, do not forget to also have a logo that is so typical of 'The Doctor' is identical with the big name drivers who consistently wear the number 46's start.

Just unfortunately if Valentino is now in Ducati's start wearing number 46, Liauw mounts instead put a number on the front fender. And let me look so much cihuy again, ring flat tire width also follow-installed. No lag, racing exhaust style that also accompany.