Friday, June 24, 2011

Kawasaki Model Zephyr 1100

JAPAN, - What is new is actually not only really new. Motorcycle example. Motor with the old engine just changed the paint, add a little new body, and its stay request party advertising agency to introduce it to prospective customers as something "new". Unfortunately, the new figure was not necessarily satisfactory.

That is what underlies Japanese Sanctuary home modifications to convert a motorcycle into something satisfying. Home modifications that two of them are located in Tokyo and Yokohama was originally specifically modify Kawasaki motorcycle. Zephyr 1100 model of this example.

The motors are then given the name of RCM-164 did not undergo major changes when compared to the original. However, if the bait is guaranteed eyes see what has been styled by Sanctuary.

The composition is the main thing. Therefore, consideration of color, arrangement of exhaust pipes, mounting support device performance, up to the size of the tires and the suspension was considered carefully.

Without changing the body, pinning Sanctuary appropriately while keeping the harmony of TMR carburetor 36, the front-rear suspension from Öhlins, Nissin brake, until the support package from the Nitro Racing performance.

Tire width was chosen, namely Bridgestone BTO23 with size 120/70-17 (front) and 180/55-17 (rear). This makes the bike a little bent, unlike the original form that looks flat.

Maximal and minimal changes but presumably timeless today also makes the motor is priced around 30,000 U.S. dollars (equivalent to USD 250 million). Satisfied it usually takes sacrifice. (Dimas)