Tuesday, June 28, 2011

models of automotive sexy girl

JAKARTA [DP] Being a model photo of a product is not easy. Moreover, models of automotive products, which invariably presents beautiful and sexy woman. Besides having a pretty face and sexy body, a photo model must also be able to communicate well.

Ricka Ahmad (23) when met dapurpacu.com in Jakarta Motorcycle Show 2010 some time ago, tells the ups and downs of being a photo model. Bandung girl born in this world wrestle photo model since two years ago. Various manufacturers of automotive products to ask him to be a model.

Many ups and downs they experienced when undergoing profession, ranging from the temptations of johns to bid for shooting "nude" (without clothes). But all the distractions that he replied with a cheery smile.

"Since childhood I have ambitions to become a photo model, I'm very happy to this profession and I can meet a lot of photographers." Ricka said.

Now the young woman who had studied at a university in Jakarta, continues to pursue his profession as a photo model. With income of Rp 10 million / month, Ricka trying to live her life in front of the camera lens. [DP / CUP]