Monday, June 27, 2011


honda tiger modif moge
Custom Bike Contezt 2011 (KBC), which coincided with dihajat Jogja Bike Rendezvous 2011 has the feel of a typical builder-builder on board. Naturally so, considering that motors must contestant he engine capacity of 350cc.

In addition, the international quality was as a compulsory menu. Honda tiger modif moge The reason, KBC has brought the jury the master of American Art Hall (Quick Throttle) and Edi Red Garage from Malaysia. While the modification of Indonesia which is also represented dedengkot elders Retro Classic Cycle (RCC) Lulut Wahyudi.

"I admit that Indonesia builder builder is better than Malaysia and Thailand. Custom Bike Contezt For this I was amazed at all and this is the 'Contezt is the Real Contezt' good from the way the judging and the quality of participants. Yes, better lah, "said Edi Red Garage.

Similar phrased Art Hall. According to him, the aspects of design and finishes modifier of Indonesia has been very good. "In Asia a new level this time I see the participants and the judging system is fair. honda tiger modif moge The builder dare to show his work in the middle of the visitors. They also dared to test the feasibility function, "he said.

Meanwhile, described Lulut KBC implemented several important points that unlawful assessment violated the participants. Call it, the provisions of the engine must be active, either when stationary or walking.

"I want to make modifications to how the contest could be educational and entertaining material. Scruutinering in the building and motor shows to visitors must be experienced participants, "said Lulut.

At KBC committee set five classes, namely Chopper, Pro Street, Vintage Classic HD, HD Custom Stock, and Stock Custom Non-HD. A total of 50 participants declared to register, although the committee and then just pass the 27 participants with additional 3 motorcycles as participants in exhibitions.

"The committee was forced to disqualify participants who do not obey the rules of the game. honda tiger modif moge Most of them arrived late from the time we set, "said Lulut.