Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Suzuki Hayate 2011

JAKARTA [DP] - Suzuki Hayate 2011 Suzuki scooter mainstay of Indonesia's latest comes with the sporty look of luxury. Attendance last night (31 / 3) at La Piazza, Kelapa Gading, Jakarta in rousing welcome by the appearance of Irfan, the brand Ambassador Suzuki Hayate 2011.

Also looks beautiful models to accompany the Suzuki Hayate 2011 which showcased at the event launch. Sweet smile radiated beautiful women adorned 2011yang Suzuki Hayate is targeted to urban communities.

So, if you have not had time to look directly Suzuki Hayate 2011atau even just want to see the smile of beautiful models, please sambangi La Piazza now. The reason this exhibition will end tomorrow (2 / 4). Happy Hunting Bro! [dp / CUP]