Friday, June 24, 2011

Suzuki Shogun 125

Those who would often play fight night racing at the track straight 500 meters, please try the Suzuki Shogun 125 is driven Faisal F. A. this. Settings applied for half a mile. Engine capacity, the new 201 cc you know!

Nurcholis According to the owner, Herman Lo aka Ahon there behind the scenes of his cultivation of the Shogun 125.

"Yes. However, the extent of making it. After that handled Hendrik, a trusted mechanic to take care of, "open Olis living in Kelapa Dua, West Jakarta.

The essence lies in the cylinder head settings. Especially, Noken alias back. Duration is applied, playing at 273 º.

Suction valve, open 33 ° before TDC (Top Dead Point) and closes 60 ° before the TMB (Bottom Dead Point).

Medium exhaust valve, 60 º before TMB opens and closes 33 º after TDC. That is, both bumbungan have the same duration.

It is clear that the Lobe Separation Angle (LSA) play in the 103.5 º. "This figure is quite enough for the track 500 meters," said Hendrik a stretcher garage-Tech HD Tuan Muda.

Sip valve, use only the EE brand umbrella valve 31 mm in diameter. Ex valve, set at 26 mm. "Now it increasingly fierce power. Previous 5.5 mm valve stem wear, now 5 mm, "said Faisal who greeted well-known Arabic.

Create a set bursts of benzene entering the combustion chamber, carburetor Keihin PE 28 direamer up to 32 mm. Main-jet-jet pilots wear 122 58. Compression ratio combustion chamber, pegged at 14: 1.

Oh yes! Combustion chamber itself, crowded with oversized pistons Honda Tiger 200 with a diameter of 65.5 mm. Stroke, the pen stroke is increased by application of 3 mm. Now, move the piston to be 59.5 mm. Total cylinder, 200.8 cc. Interested? (

Front tire: 50/90-17 FDR
Rear tire: 60/90-17 HUT
CDI: Rextor
Coil: Suzuki RM125