Friday, June 24, 2011

Suzuki Skydrive 125

Low rider style modification skubek most fitting coupled with Suzuki Skydrive. This is because the design skubek S logo is a body that is more than just body gambot other standard automatic motor so that rival or even still his brother.

"Starting from the front wing of the motor to the deck area has a larger dimension," serious Joddy, owner builder as well as JDM Project workshop in Pangkalan Jati, Kalimalang, East Jakarta.

With the support body gambot, Skydrive so more steadily got a touch of style low rider. "I do not need an additional element of wide body, this skubek already looks big and muscular," said builder minus glasses.

Pe-ernya live make-retreat retreat or more stretchy engine mounting brackets. As in the low rider style changes generally are applied together. In this Skydrive engine mounting brackets made ​​of about 25 cm long.

After that is so attention is the change in the area of ​​the legs. To apply the front wheels custom rims monoblock front 3 inches wide. "Let me just right, sitting in the front fork lower triangle should be made ​​more broadly," continued Joddy who often appeared on national TV programs swasat.

As for the rear wheel, also rely on the same monoblock rim with a width of 6 inches. Both wheels are still applying the 14-inch wheel diameter ring corresponding size standard Skydive wheels.

Selection of color on the body are also follow-up processing. Relying on the tug line airbrush graphics constrained to follow the curve of the body Skydrive