Friday, June 24, 2011

Suzuki Spin 125, Tematis Falling In Love

Suzuki Spin 125, Tematis Falling In Love

Suzuki Spin 125 belongs to the Bani Abdillah, deserve first-class champion was crowned as the airbrush graphics on MOTOR Plus Skubek Contezt 2011, (21-22/5) ago. The reason is laden penbrush line, in contrast to that offered by rivals.

According to residents Jl. High Wood, East Cakung, East Jakarta, who became the concept of an airbrush theme modification is reputedly the owner fell in love. "The language of nature to 'falling in love' is," joked the man born in 1986.

Yeah, right. Like people are in love, no matter who visits will be very beautiful. As with its bright colors are also selected for each composition of the picture settings are etched into the entire body is automatic with logo 'S' is.

"It seems clear not only from the dominant color selection bold. Also maximize the glitter to every part of body contact with spray, both basic and existing lines in the picture, "said Bani.

The sign represents the owners are in love, in some parts of the cover body, given a heart and stroke development as well as patterned lines triball.

And habits of each person are in love, like flying in the sky. So who believes Toer Bani Paint Airbrush as executor of adding clouds to a particular section.

Then let the color does not sink, dark berkelir taxable component spray paint bright. It can be seen crankcase engine, CVT cover, rim, drum to disc.

"Jok was wrapped in skin color does not make another color die. Besides dicustom, cream and yellow color combination feels very right, "