Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bajaj Launches Next Year KTM Duke 200, Duke 350 Following

Finally, certainty poured Bajaj and KTM Duke KTM 200cc variants revealed by the confession of an official KTM. Even more astonishing, the KTM Duke also will appear in the version of the 350cc engine.

As in the release indiancarsbikes, this statement expressed Stefan Pierer, KTM's Chief Executive Officer. According to him, the KTM Duke 200 will launch at Delhi Auto Expo 2012. Just one year after, or in 2013, KTM will launch the Duke 350.

"At Delhi Auto Expo next year, we will launch the first Duke 200cc in India. We hope to sell 25,000 to 30,000 units in India in the first year of launch," said Pierer.

"After one year, we will launch 350-cc Duke in India," he continued. Wow, that is the line up will be a complete model of the KTM Duke 125, 200 to 350 and its moge version has gotten much more used to circulate in Europe and America.

Duke 125 variants that had already been marketed in Europe has even sold to 7,000 units. 200cc and 350cc variants'm certainly not for the European market. But Bajaj and KTM will target developing countries.

"All of our motorcycle production in India will be a global model. Now we are looking to export Bajaj KTM from production facilities to emerging markets such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Brazil," he continued.

Most likely, this 200cc variant too, which will be launched in Indonesia in the future. Get ready for the arrival of KTM deh