Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Ducati Ducati Rado2 4 460x306 Rado2 Pursang
BARCELONA (DP) - the latest creation from home modifications Spanish Rado2 Pursang composed display Ducati Multistrada become more radical, Ducati Rado2 Pursang.
Tuning house bike motorcycle   is made ​​Multistrada supermoto-style blends, streetfigter and cafe racer. Rado2 Pursang equipped Ducati 1100 cc engine.
His body became more aggressive look stylish nakedbike with changes in the single-swingarm's monster S2R and the headlights picked from the Yamaha MT-03 so it looks the front face is sharper. In the fuel tank re-formulated by Rado with aluminum while the stern using carbon fiber materials.
Ohlins suspension derived from a model like the cafe racer era of the '70s and features LED indicator lights. White painted frame and swingarm as a typical sign of the Ducati. 
Ducati-Rado2-3.jpg (680×453)