Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Elegant Sporty Ninja 250R

Talking about our favorite motorcycle with a friend immediately thought we named Stephen Kenny Disney or more familiarly called Kenny. He has a stocky favorite motorcycle is the Ninja 250R. According to his testimony, the motor will not be sold until whenever. So unfortunately the bike is, Kenny has done a number of modifications from the body, legs up to the machine so that stamina while on the asphalt. Modification of intact motor is done entirely in a private garage that is 2 Fifty Racing Kenny. Kenny directs changes to the concept bike Sporty Elegant style. Early changes in the body namely, looking ahead at a glance there is no difference with the standard 250R conditions but if we look carefully there are some differences are quite striking as the front fender model ZX6, winshild more curved or jenong, front turn signal plucked straight from the Toyota Altis, and the mirror of KOSO. To enhance the sporty and similar to motor racing, Kenny deliberately releasing the back seat and redesigned to resemble the stern with the back of the Ducati, do not forget pinned underneath the right rear brake lights. Well into the affairs of the body coloration, the perfect result for Kenny better believe this work to his colleague who is expert in the affairs of the paint brush or water. pinned underneath the right rear brake light. Move to the legs, Kenny put the front tire brands Battlax 090 different sizes, 120/60 front and 150/60 rear. For maximum results during braking is added kalipe Brembo brand on the front and rear wheels. The element of sport again shown by a member of the club Ninja 250R Bekasi this chapter through a kenalpot CLD Python. Dissatisfied change the outside, Kenny, also try to maximize engine performance by reform such as the installation jetting kit Factory Pro belongs, CDI BRT Dual Band, ported polish and so on. Specifications: full paint sikkens, M1 rear tail, front fender model ZX6, winshild jenong, Toyota Altis cents front, mirror KOSO, condoms tank, rear Brembo front calipers, master of Kitaco, Battlax 090 rear tire front uk blkg 120/60 150/60 front, frame sliders, exhaust CLD Phyton, Footstep Yoshimura japan, brake hose DPN blkg HELL, Hugger, Engine Cover Dainese, K & N air filter, jetting kit Factory Pro, CDI BRT Dual Band, Clutch + Per canvass Barnet Competition Clutch, Gear blkg SSS, ported polish. Workshop 2 Fifty Racing Jl.Raya No. threat. 5. Jati Bening, Pondok Gede. Bekasi West Java.