Friday, July 1, 2011

Facebook Twitter RSS Honda CBR250R concept by Ride It

At the time when the Indian motorcyclists are getting ready to lay their hands on this 250cc other parts of the world have people who have started conceptualizing and customizing it to their tastes.
A new concept called “Race” from Thai tuners Ride IT is in the design and development phase in where are pondering over giving the CBR250R a thorough makeover. The new paint and sticker job could just be stage 1 of the tuning operation.
Ride It Honda CBR250R Racing concept
They have also used light weight carbon fiber wherever possible and equipped the bike with an all new exhaust. The entire stickering and the rear seat cover makes the bike fit for display on a racing track.
It would not be a bad idea if HMSI seek some ideas from these concept models and introduce one in the Indian market. After all no one minds an extra option specially in our country where products sell more because of their looks rather than the capabilities.
Coming back to the Honda CBR250R in India I’m yet to see one on road yet. I’m glad that at least one bike manufacturer has taken this step of introducing a 250cc bike while keeping the price within the range of most of the people.