Friday, July 15, 2011

Honda GL Pro, X-treme Ducking

When the attention of Honda GL Pro Wonogiri, Central Java, many questions arise. From how to work because its design is very X-treme until the position berkendaranya. Understand it seems to gain the jockey will head down because of the distance handlebars and seat are pretty far away. It also hindered the tank that was already so long.  But, according to the owner, Arif Prabowo was riding his motorcycle is not too difficult. That's because when the seat is adjusted to be setup fairly high posture. Maybe if people with high under 160 cm will be difficult to carry it. To make a form like this on mempercaykannya Arif Hasan Nur Rifai N Joy 76 from the workshop in Yogyakarta."The whole body and skeletal re-created, almost nothing remains," definitely Rifai. Rifai proved an artist well plate buckling. He was averse if using fiber. He says lack of originality because it easily imitated. The choice of this time 0.8 mm galvanized plate. "Thickness is safest for the body, not too heavy, too," he said. The design is quite frightening. Just look at a unique form of front suspension. Per placed at the top. "Using a quasi duck statement taken alone," said Rifai. While the bottom is made ​​curved using 1-inch diameter pipe.

Meanwhile, it looks as rigid rear suspension. It means not having sokbreker. Proven wrong, Rifai hide monosok copotan Jupiter MX 135LC juice. "Placement is set under the seat and covered by a plate body made ​​earlier, it's goal to create the impression of rigid," said shop owner on Jl.Kaliurang, Km 5.6, Yogyakarta is. For the body, Rifai artificial tank model is quite interesting. The shape is flat aft. "It fits up to 6 liters of petrol anyway," said Arif. Is made ​​into the tank from front to under the seat. But, really accommodate gasoline only the front, above the engine. Another interesting thing on this bike is the lack of wires milling. Everything looks clean and neat. Rifai apparently mimics the style often used by the builder HD abroad. "Sweetheart if aesthetics motor down because the cable mess, because it's either gas or clutch cable we put in custom handlebars are made ​​using 1-inch pipe as well," said modifier friendly . Finally, the whole body is given a realist airbrush effects with the theme of Lord of The Ring. But unfortunately, the color choice is less so bold that the motive was not prominen