Friday, July 15, 2011

Honda Tiger 2000, If Udin Global

Udin modifier new bobbed in Jakarta exhalation minor fighter. So arguably Udin more global than the origin of this stream which originally from Navan. Udin wonder who is not called Awaludin, because the flow modifier is initially exhaled Agus veteran DJ. She courtiers XK Mendoan Bike Design of Cities. Udin used to work there. While the former subordinates, baseball Udin's much different from his teacher. Or might even be better, he .. he .. Udin include minor fighter spirit in Tiger's residents Hezi Satria Jl. Pondok Kopi, East Jakarta. Despite the long name is not Jajaludin, Udin working on Jl. Lieutenant Colonel. Sugiono, Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta. Name of home modifications 'Bondus Bikes' and only a few months ago the move. filmed Udin Proving that some part is sent from the teacher, can be seen from the installation of a set of quasi Suxuki GSX750 front as triangles are re-let dicustom fit into komstir Tiger 2000. Then the steering rod replaced the straight handlebars and wide temperature typical minor-made fighter, plus riser variation. distinctive style seat mounts were seen in single-sitter whose position re contrived. "The original frame was just komstir to the middle and bottom. Moderate seat perched on the frame cradle tubular pipe materials outside the original order to the middle, "said Hezi original Padang, West Sumatra.

Increasingly looked dashing, upper frame mounted tank cradle that looks tailor-made minor modifications to the concept of fighter. Not sure on the front of the tank connected two airscop trapezoidal model. Adjust the front view, especially the legs, behind worked perfectly. Sutu set of swing arm plus monosok pro model Honda CBR1000 trusted link to dampen the shock of all fields.When viewed ubahannya pretty awesome. For super wide swing arm CBR1000 is forcing the axles and swing arm bushings replaced and modified again. So that the components of this waste could be placed perfectly in the middle order Tiger 2000. Assisted Gir Wear Using Honda CBR1000 arm swing in Tiger not just replace the middle as the swing arm bushings and replace the right-left. But the components that must receive attention is the reduction gear. Knows its own right, these wings motor manufacturer if the change width of a tire size above 3.50 inches are usually often stuck chain. So tires on gerepes. Because now Michellin 120/60-17 tire width for the front and 160/55-17 at the rear size. The position of gear wheels and chains are forced to be more original Tiger shifted out again. "Create a rear gear in the rim GSX750 baseball there is a problem. Only the front gear must carry gear made ​​3 cm thick. It means I'll be more jutting out position. Let the stable, out of gear detained cankrang adapter from a metal plate, "Hezi point