Friday, July 15, 2011

Kawasaki D-Track 150, Inspiration Racing

When presenting Track D-150, PT Kawasaki Motor Indonesia (KMI) had been drafted for SuperMoto. For those who prefer asphalt path than scratching the ground. If overseas racing still exists, but unfortunately to Indonesia remains unclear.

Since the default is such that, of course, easy to be speeding. "If it's identical to speeding like that style of racing or the most fitting if you want to modify it," definitely Ferdian Babenk, owner and modifikatornya. diterjamahkannya Style racing by starting earlier in the sector body. "We do repainted with a checkered flag motif, thus getting closer to the aura of racing," said Ferdi, familiar greeting. Let more sip, this motif combined with a carbon coating in some sectors. For example a protective order and front tomorrow. It's sporty impression will be stronger if there are additional motives carbon or carbon look like that.   Some sticker products related to the racing world was also installed. Of course with the right placement will increase harmonization. Be careful if you want to plug a lot of sticker products, if too crowded it will look tacky.  This motif not only in the plastic body only. But, also spread to the rim. But not total, only partially."To be more sip only partially, while the rest were painted green Kawasaki had been his trademark," he added. Sector feet has become the most widely faces made. Of course with the aim to enhance the theme earlier. Racing is definitely must have a braking device capable. That includes things that concern Ferdi. For example, the calipers should diup-grade. The trick to replace with a product that has more pistons. "In addition to look bigger, usually more grip," convinced this young man of 25 years. Therefore he chooses 6 piston Kitaco products. Again, taste or taste modification look very prominent. Not just a select variety of goods, but the color is also considered.

Because red calipers, drum eventually also painted light color. This was done on the front and rear wheels. With change like this, eventually Ferdi is also dissatisfied with the size and design of arm swinging. That's the way of modification, changes in one part will affect other components. The man who still makes his own single swing arm with a metal plate. "The shape followed the Aprilia," he said. It's quick and elbows form a box-like Aprilia SXV, but there are no holes or cracks in the center. Because armnya been remade, Ferdi minded monosoknya should also be replaced. "Choose the level of violence and rebound can be arranged, if the original was too soft," added student UII, Yogyakarta is. As a result of this change like he does himself, Ferdi managed to make the D-tracks became more fashionable but still sporty