Friday, July 15, 2011

Kawasaki Ninja 250R, More Choose Flat Track

According to Donny Ariyanto of workshops Studio Motor (SM), Kawasaki Ninja 250R is not just indulging acceleration. However, the tubular chassis of motor sport model also provides convenience for many modifications! This has been demonstrated in the race belongs to Ery Nugraha. He, also a fan of the café racer flow. In fact, bike racing classic style had some time ago."Bored, want a fresh new style," a short man who lives in Bumi Serpong Damai (BSD), Tangerang.Thus, from the café racer, the Ninja 250R's switch the flow so the flat track. "Sub-frame was cut approximately 17 cm. Now, just remodeled parts of the body according to the concept of flow flat track, "said Donny from the workshop on Jl. RC Veteran, Bintaro, South Jakarta. For the concept of a flat track, Donny change this, it's a bit like the flow of café racer. Equally thick with the smell of racing old days. The difference is the flat track to race on the ground. While the café racer for the contours of asphalt. But this time, Donny jelly combine the two. As in the tank that looked slightly different. "The shape is tailored to the chassis. Tank size is not made ​​small and not large.Because the chassis of the Ninja Kawak hanging. No down tube as ideally flat track, "added Donny was very friendly.

If forced to adopt the small size of the tank. Course will receive the effects of balance with the face of great character Ninja engine. The engine will be more dominate. Impact will cover the look of a custom tank. It is inevitable Donny. form the stern is designed distinctive style made ​​by a flat track. Characteristic angle formed by the rigid model are made ​​tapered tail. "These designs are prevalent in the mounts flat track in America," continued the modifier is on the rise lately. Ductile kaleeee fur ... Body design, like the rear body was made ​​of iron plates. This time, Donny counting 0.8 mm thick plate for strengthening the view. "In addition, this plate is also still easy to bend and shape," his argument. Bodi last plate, combined doff green color. The color choice is already ery.He said, color is a firm character. Moreover, the face of Che Guevara is also displayed on the tank.You know, one of the Cuban guerrilla leader who never explore Argentina with a motor. Through this change, now more visible Ninja muscular. Moreover, the radiator is already looking more prominent without shrouded cover body. But, alas! Why the cover was still left empty huh?  Gas ...

Make Raiser

If Kawasaki Ninja 250R use standard handlebar clamp model. But, for sharpening the concept of a flat track, now rely on models of wide handlebars straight alias large and thick. Characteristic motor rake. For that, there needs to be change in the area of the triangle over the Ninja. "Let me stick to the handlebars need to be made ​​Raiser. Since the original Ninja does not exist, "explained Donny who is in front of the home modification Suyoto RS. The area around the wheel are not left bare. To appear unbiased, various indicators are applied. For example, the panel Koso RPM brand.With the analog model, according to the classic look. "Do not forget I also add a mirror for safety riding completeness. Because of daily use, "said the 28-year-ery