Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mio looking Racing Look

Although based motor matic does not mean the looks and style should not be racing style. View 2008 Yamaha Mio alerts belonging to one "patient" Eko airbrusher Exxoart this one. The whole impression of sweet and cute as the motor has gone and cleared up to change the view by carrying Racing Look flow. Thanks to the flow of Racing Look, the Mio has been around and pretty much bring the trophy in the contest either local or national scale. Bodi certainly got a lot of touches, ranging from the original cover body should be retired and replaced her role with the Revo body so burita more menunging and tapered in harmony with its concept of racing. While the front shield using the cover of Beat Hoda. Eko does not necessarily put a cover body is just like that, but his expertise in the field of direct airbrush he poured with a blend of tribal motifs. "bright color was chosen deliberately because it was usually the airbrush is more fitting with vivid color combinations like this," said Eko when chatting with dibengkelnya team. In addition many are also brightly colored aksesioris components mounted therein. Strengthens the character and theme dragster handlebars flops which is supported by the handle grip is attached neatly Kitaco front. The more robust thanks to the presence Combis up side down suspension, front shock Combnis looks a little unique because it looks whorls per underneath, and this is one reason why she chooses. Then drag the impression thickens when the original seats have been slashed and replaced acrilic right below it there is a custom tank. Although it has been very minimal in terms of the exterior body, but not visible cavities in the chassis. The modifiers still trying to dig up the image of racing on the Mio is, judging from some of the devices commonly attached to the motor with spec racing is also installed on the Mio Racing Look. Menuru Eko, the machine also had bore up but not the result of my work, but I understand that CC was already increased to 150 with a piston Tiger ", he said.'s Auto Gauge tachometer components complement the look, while the engine performance in order to support the supply of gasoline supplied by the carburetor Keihin PE 28 and to prevent over-heat the engine oil cooler is available Koso. you are interested to know more about the details of Yamaha Mio stout Exxoart this? please see specifications, photos and video. [genus / timBX] Specifications: Motor: Yamaha Mio 2008 Airbrush: tribalPaints & varnishes: Spies Hecker Engine: 150 CC Bore up Piston: Tiger Carburetor: Keihin PE 28 Oil cooler: Koso Exhaust: R9 Gas Spontaneous: KTC Racing Body Exterior: front Cover Honda Beat, Honda Revo back cover, Tires: Swallow Stream SP 06/80 - 17 Suspension: Combis (front), KTC Racing (rear) Wheels: Ride ItBrakes: Master KTC Racing brakes, rear disc brake Factory Posh, Others: Towing, acrilic upholstery, front bar, tank acrilic , Ninja tank lid, Auto Gauge tachometer, brake handle KTC Airbrusher: Eko Exxoart, road Rt11/01 No. 3 People's Hall. 50 Complex Hygiene, Pondok Bambu, East Jakarta, Tel: 021-90667828