Friday, July 15, 2011

Yamaha Mio, Bali Lieutnant

 Bali remained a style like this Audio
Bali, Denpasar and surrounding areas in particular is famous for his city matic. Therefore skubek sales figures in this area is always high. For business there is an evident modification of flow that is always a lot of fans here. Ie the audio stream.   Since the beginning of a trend skubek modifications, installation of audio equipment is mushrooming in Bali. "Because of that alteration or modification of many that use audio, although I am not a specialist audio shop," said I Wayan Gintaro of home modifications GPS, Badung, Bali.

"Installation of the audio had become easier in skubek because quite relieved to have room, especially on the deck," said Wayan. Please diihat in Mio, the 8-inch sub woofer complete with a fitting companion mounted tweeters.

LCD screen and head unit fitted nemplok the handlebars. If used to drive a little annoying position of the feet, but on behalf of the modification, it was defeated. Let sedikti different, the headlights have replaced the Yamaha Xeon, so many who mistook the identity of this bike. Especially with a body that has full custom. DATA MODIFICATION Tires: FDR 120/60-14 Rims: Custom 3.5 x 14 inches Sok back: YSS Body: Custom Head unit: Accelera Monitor: Centro GPS: 0819-1666-6995