Thursday, July 14, 2011

Yamaha V-Ixion, Blue Carbon Effect

Yamaha V-Ixion, Efek Blue Carbon

 This time, Zaky Amaly or better known as Jeky try experimenting. He used blue carbon in some parts of the body Yamaha V-Ixion. Initially only a few, actually looks to be dominant.

Jeky originally chose blue carbon coating on the swing arm and engine block. "Want to get out of a longer growing trend, so wear the blue," the story Jeky. It's true motives have been carbon beberaap color choice, but for this popular black.

Because the effect was, eventually the entire body of the motor is already dicustom given the same color effect. "Made a kind of gradation effect, when in fact several layers of different colors but without the dividing line. Due to the absence of the lines, look as if the shades," said this big man.

  In addition to the color of affairs before, workshop Obelix Extreme Modification (OEM) on Jl. Condet Raya No. 18 has also been doing a lot of changes at the injection motor 150 cc. For example, for the affairs of the legs.

Replacement rims with Chemco products by 4.5 inches wide at the back thats enough. "If you want a wide rim but do not afford the waste of goods, this rim could be an alternative option," his promotion.

Meanwhile, disposable waste moge front tomorrow. The choice of using copotan Kawasaki ZX 400. This time Jeky try to share knowledge in terms of selection and modification sokbreker.

"Usually wear tomorrow moge, constrained problem turning radius. If it still relies on a standard tank or modif though usually beloknya hard," said the man bloody Arab.

He therefore made ​​a special upper triangular in this bike. "So the motor can turn perfectly or as the corner triangle still the standard left and right side reduced," he explained at length.

As a result despite the wide rim, big ass and a custom motorcycle tank is still comfortable to maneuver in a traffic jam. Dark-skid action so no problem with the color quite bold.