Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Yamaha VZ1 The Beauty Concept

Yamaha Concept 460x317 YamahaVZ1 VZ1 The Beautiful
ROME (DP) - A modifier of origin Italy , Oberdan Bezzi, sketching a naked bike sports bike style.
Modifier of the country this spaghetti mix a Yamaha named VZ1 Concept sharp and attractive style.
In the sketch can be seen carrying the base design of the Yamaha FZ1 with a 1,000 cc engine capacity. Using the trellis model chassis with aluminum material.
Sportsmanlike display even more attractive with kevlar carbon design on the swingarm. MotoGP exhaust design carries the idea, under the seat in the stern with Brembo brakes alerts. [dp / Wyu]