Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kawasaki Ninja 250R, Shown Half Naked

Once again met with modification of the Kawasaki Ninja 250R. Currently, many Ninja modif. Even in editorial queue list is long enough for this type of motor. Of course we are a higher priority if there is a story or a new virus that is transmitted from trying to change the existing Sodoran. For example the work of New Motor Sport (BMS) is. The owner Anton who want to appear nude from Manado. Not the person anyway, but the bike. So do not think porn to go, Bro! "I want to be first in Manado appear with the Ninja without a full fairing," said Anton. Expectations had been directly applied by Ariawan Wijaya of BMS by removing the motor clothes. But wait. "I think if you just wrote off the fairing bike will actually have the geeky look cupu alias. Dare to bare, but a proud baseball there," Ari says, greeting familiar Ariawan. In the mind of Ari, the motor should be made ​​more robust. Like a person, who can and please open the shirt when his body is okay. Diligent fitness or gym and muscular. For all that, of course rombakan body and legs should be done.

"Nothing less is not, the choice is certain wastes. But we must also adjust the order and conditions of the Ninja is still the standard engine," said the father of this child. Most primary was the election upside down. "To Ninja naked like this better use of waste from moge 600 cc, fitting size is still felt," said Ari again. Indeed, the size copotan Suzuki GSX 600 is not too large. Coupled with the already implemented double disc, then match the desired concept was Anton. As for the rim should not let a limited market. "Deliberately choose copotan Ducati ST 4 with a fairly large size," said shop owner in numbers Palmerah, West Jakarta. rim is attractive because of its crossbar three. At 3.5 inches wide front and rear 6 inches Also because it is gold colored with a color matching upside down and used Footstep racing. As a result dashing plus flirty!  

Minerva Lamp

Shape headlight motor is also unique. Nnggak market and expensive memorable. And this is the result of foresight in taking into account the various lights Ari standard motor. "Many think this lamp imports, and this is from Minerva Supermoto," Ari chuckled. It's the line up of Minerva is less popular, so many are not familiar with the form of light. "To confuse further, the inside of the projector lamp is used. That would truly memorable expensive lights," the story of the man from Apex, Central Java. Now the lights of this type of modification is more loved by connoisseurs.Certainly not without cause. In addition to more light than standard, it also looks more stylish.Although light is not lit but already impressive luxury. Unfortunately the price is still millions.