Monday, August 1, 2011

Suzuki Satria FU150, Not Ordinary Concept

CERAM is also viewing a Suzuki Satria F-150 owned by Pradipta of Housing Mulyasari Padang, Majenang, Cilacap in Central Java. Like monsters or robots in the Transformers movie. "Could it because the tank and front body has been designed quite radical," explains Suswanto, modifier from Billy Custom (BC), Purwokerto who do it all. The tank is made ​​plain because baseball has a new design with taper shape. This section Underbone nemplok on the back komstir. Also there are Shroud or wings on the tank. 's why the shape and size of the container is large enough gasoline as well as the holder sein. Cover lamp holder deliberately stacking the handlebar cover. This section was created to ornament the handlebars a little hide and clean impression. Well as new designs on the world showed streetfighter.

Other purposes, as well as the original speedometer holder Satria F. Functionally stay safe as a bookmark in the current info sein turn and completeness of information on engine speed and fuel capacity tachometers. Others, deltabox new model is designed with a larger form. "The chassis is to camouflage the bottom of the tank a little less Basar," said modifier is also 'contaminated' flow Mendoan City's typical streetfighter. streetfighter flow is commonly referred to or familiar with West Java style alias WJS. Like the body behind the stumps and memorable short single fighter. How to make a short cut was done with the spine until abis. "To cut it, from the Underbone. Then again created a new framework on top of the seat holder plus small rear body. Materials used just 22.5 mm round pipe with a length of 25 cm, "explained the father of Evan Januar this Primary. The result is the concept of SF in the Satria F-150 is different from existing ones. "Moreover, the transsexual is streetfighter type of duck. Not only that, also was given another charm on the component and application pro-arm," said modifier is hung on Jl. Unwiku No. 26, Coral Regards, Navan.

ARM MONO Handmade

As a modifier that has been long engaged in the modification of Indonesia, also known Wanto menggakali smart components that are hunted hard. For example many consumers who want to use mono waste arm. "Unfortunately, those components are still rare and constrained exorbitant prices. The solution is self-composed" modifier that meraca cuap Paki enough material plate of 5 mm as a single swing arm. "Most difficult is to measure the straightness of wheels and rear axle mechanism. Because existing space narrow because it is full to the holder behind the gear shift and rear disc as well, "said Wanto using iron as a material quality number one rear axle.