Thursday, July 7, 2011

modifikasi vario techno drag

Of a photo album from the site. So I took a beautiful car. I do not like and I love the most. Passed on the first Sonic was the first car to shake people's minds in gear chain tension today. And come up with a new wing to the Honda camp, click on this new release is out Click Play on the turn signal lamps in the same light again, which looks beautiful. It turns out that all the same to all the files in the same greasy light itself.

Click Drag your decorating style, this car is in style at the Drag Bike San graffiti colors hit the charts in the S phase. Wheel and tire size replica of a race at all. Drag Bike drop in cut-throat, hands, here's my end of the car, with a MOTO GP without the sound. HP rolled into one. So, not to mention that her voice is loud. This city is a genuine shift of some children in China.

Click Drag