Friday, July 1, 2011

The White Yamaha V-ixion 150cc

Hello Friends, :D Gossip about Yamaha will bring V-Ixion 150 white color increasingly become a reality. As I’ve also posted in the previous article about V-Ixion facelift (read Here), and alsp TMCblog and also smell similar info.
But I got the info from the visitor P2R was kind enough to send snapshots of V-Ixion white color with the new striping. Not the result of engineering photoshop. This Original!
It is somewhat truncated, the headlamp is not visible. But he assured that the lights and front fender nothing has changed even as spy to the rear wheels still no disc brakes.
Yeahh ….! Come make a V-Ixion use rear disc brakes let the more sturdy and handsome …! If it’s color, look yourself and give assessments via comment. Cool … or Not?? he he :mrgreen: hope usefull