Tuesday, August 16, 2011

modifikasi yamaha fino ekstrem

New Fino 2011 Expreme Custom. 
more information. Click on the link below. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Rideit-Forever/192987730735431. http://rideit.co.th/product_detail.php?id_product=18&model=YAMAHA.           Phenolic 2011 the latest version of the drug. Yamaha. The recently launched on the media recently. The RIDE IT. Have to be refurbished equipment. Enhance the Department's blunt style. Which feed on the bus or down the length of this site. To modify some parts such as headlights, dual-layer. The shape of the lamp to cool the Eclipse Classic. Miles of new housing. A separate bowl eclipse classic round shape. The gauge at the center and measure the volume of oil. Placed in position on the left hand. With many colors to choose the same pattern. In this time It will dissolve a moderate style. The idea for a car can be decorated with a not very difficult.Which in this case. May include those with a Yamaha Phenolic is still not outdated. The color of the feed down on this. Ride It will be black with red trim. Then I will show what the sticker from the Bureau. The model that Expreme "Supreme EX" and most other decorations. Available in the market is just K๋ can change the mood. And make a difference in color of the style Lื RIDE IT ... ..... I ride it forever. SOHC 4-stroke engine, engine cooling air volume of 114.0 cc displacement. compression ratio. 8.8:1. Bore x Stroke 50x57.9 mm, the spark plug. NGK/C6HSA. supply of oil. Carburetor KEIHIN NCV24.ignition system. DC - CD-vapor system, a centrifugal clutch, dry clutch hub automaticsystem restart. Starting your own electrical system. And start-foot oil. Octane. 91 oil or gas up the fuel capacity of 4.1 liter capacity engine 0.8 liter automatic transmission driving a V-belt. (V-Belt). rate gear. 2.399-0.829:1. ratio gear sets. 3.133/3.231. filter paper (wet).  chassis frame, steel frame, under the type of bone.  The class router / terminal length of 26.5? / 100 mm  length x width x height. 705x1, 830x1, 050. Mm in height from floor to seat 745 mm to 125 mm distance from the floor to the center of the wheel 1240 mm Net weight / gross weight of a full tank, 91/96 kg   Suspension front Tele. Golden Spin of the unit ball.   brake single piston front disc brake rear drum brake   system, headlights, 12-volt power 32 watts / 32 watts x1 battery dry equipment. color. The black plastic paint.Customized designs with stickers Rideit version Fino Expreme. cylindrical shock front cylinder composed Rideit. The hands-bar switch power plating chrome pump all your CNC. Ratchet Rideit spyder pro 160x14, both front and back tires, IRC Wideflre WF-920. front 90/70-14 rear 100/70-14. Rating (rating).