Friday, June 24, 2011

Yamaha Scorpio,

The beach is definitely a part that is identical if we talk about Bali. All matters relating to water and sand are natural objects that can be proud of on the island of the gods. Even as close to the beach everyday society, would ngemodif motor was chosen that comfortable in the sand.
"At the beginning of Scorpio ngerombak this, it wants the right motor used on the beach, finally selected the concept of Yamaha TW 225, but all is full custom. Not simply move things into Scorpio TW," Taufik said of the workshop KCSM, Bali ngemodifnya.
At the subframe, Taufik made repeated. "Originally it somewhat nungging, now made so much flat," says this white man.
According to Scorpio is indeed part of the tank must be overhauled if you want to look a lot like this. The back is flat but somewhat contrived, it also mimics the design model Suzuki TS.
The arm swing is also regenerated. "Wear plate box model, it is pure design KCSM," said the man who ngebengkel on Jl. WR Supratman No. 67, Denpasar, Bali.
Although it is regenerated, but the size of the wheelbase has not changed. "So much is still safe distance though it was made extra wide tires in the back," he continued.
For rear wheels, car rims Taufik mengcustomnya from. As commonly used skubek community. "The width of the palm to 5 inches," he says. While using a 14-inch diameter, together with skubek.
"Had trouble when looking for tires, in addition to the size of the less common, also want the appropriate pattern," continued the man from Pontianak migrated to Bali.
To use the wheel rim with a diameter of 18 inches. "Pelekn use a variation of it but choose rather wide. Using a 3-inch," continued the man who also sells various products of this trail and supermoto.
Another feature to be retrieved from the TW is a form of the tank. "Actually, TW tank waste quite a lot, but made himself using galvanized plate with a thickness of 1 mm," said Taufik.
By creating its own, automatically the desired size can further customize. Only a similar form as the dimensions vary TW