Friday, July 15, 2011

Honda Scoopy, Focus on the Foot and Body

Down in class Standard Fashion, Scoopy 2011 owned by Ang Sidarwin look elegant. Although Honda is minimal skubek retor bolt-on installation variations. "In addition to graphical changes in the body, I also maximizing standard part Scoopy," said Custom modifiers of the workshop Artisis in numbers Tambora, West Jakarta. The focus changes on the legs. Scoopy contrived pemakian bobber with 12-inch tires. "Racing Rims custom result of a car rim with a disk model that the center hole," said modifier is also working on these sport bikes.

Shown with gambot wheel tires must rely on the profile width. Apply the circular rubber 120/70/12 front and 130/70/12 for the rear. "Let me look more sip, tire inner me give you a blue screen," continued Sidarwin claiming to mimic the tires BMW Concept C Scooter. Graphics in the body do not want to be too complicated. Relying on the pull line with a simple white base color. "Let me pull brighter graphics, also combined green and red color," lid modifier of this burly