Friday, July 15, 2011

Honda Scoopy, week USD 8 Million

Said owner Benny Saputra Honda Scoopy 2011, which modified the flow skubek bolt-on is just took a week workmanship. Whether it is the initial concept, product selection that will be used until the installation process variation purchased parts for a total of USD 8 million. According Plus MOTOR, bener kalo begito, meaning that Benny was not a novice in a matter of assembling or dandanin motor dicustom with minimalist style. Proven on the garapannya Scoopy terkonsep very harmonious, finishing details are also supported nicely without leaving bruises. "Changes in the Scoopy is indeed leading to Fashion class standards, in accordance with the regulations that existed at the time. Where modification is more focused on replacing or adding components ready to install and use. Not to change shape, especially in the context of the original cover body. Then it becomes like that, "said Andy Matic retainer home modifications Concept (AMC) which is open in the region Cilandak, South Jakarta. From the search results, this time the theme is carried Benny is an urban lifestyle. Where change is not just a focus on installation of components of variation, but also favor the graphic style like never before. For graphic design dijagokannya is taking the concept of the name of one water sports products are quite famous among the young to adults, that is Rip Curl. Simple is judging. Moreover, water sports product logos are berkelir brown minimalist, basic ingredients of cutting sticker and insert on the right and left side of the body. Let not too empty, the logo of the product given a little touch of style triball nearby and also on the front fender.

"Let alloys skubek maroon base color is not dead, aka getting dark, I try adding ornament, especially on the kevlar carbon front fender, rear shell handlebars, luggage up to cover the exhaust.All of the original carbon kevlar instead of cutting sticker design, drawing on the cover body, "I'm a complete address at Jl. Lute V/55, South Jakarta. Do not want to look tacky, variations in product selection Scoopy is also very selective. It means do not let me die style. Hence the original upholstery dipapas until thin, then offset stirrup rainbow color variation that happens to equal the middle standard, standard addition is also in the pipeline behind the handlebars of the speedometer which also berlabur carbon kevlar. Not only that, the front shock absorbers have also come to be replaced. Use products that have a yellow Pico. Not without a purpose, but also let the berkelir fitted with a maroon rim. Likewise with the same quasi berkelir back because already adopted the wind tube sokbreker YSS brand. Let me not look crowded, small variations of some components also decorate some parts of the motor. Choice of color is not off the basic concept of change.