Friday, July 15, 2011

Honda Vario, + Supermoto Streetfighter

What first impression upon seeing skubek Agnes who already faces made ​​out of this? It must be confused with the concept offered by the modifier. Streetfighter look there is an element, but there are also shades of SuperMoto. But, indeed the two schools that are trying mated Diemaz grants from Diemaz Motor (DM) as the modifier. "Being a unique added again because the two schools had applied to skubek. It may be a regular thing if applied in motor sport," said Diemaz. The flow was needed look macho and manly. Two values ​​are almost non-existent in the standard skubek."Because it's totally done rombakan enough, but the principle does not cut the original order," added the father of two children. For the last impression, the body was stripped standard. Instead of re-created with a combination of fiber and plate. It adds body affairs strengthened again with the establishment of such an additional order on the deck. "By using a pipe like that, it definitely adds dashing Vario," the story of a man who ngebengkel on Jl. Raya No steel. 84, Housing II, Tangerang. Display sturdy added again to the use of quasi-front variations of Thailand which has a large tube. "So also with the rim, is dicustom to look more muscular," added the man who was known as the maker of this custom rims.

To the rear wear 4-inch wide and 3 inches forward. Both use the ring 17. "By using a radius of 6 mm diameter, the rim becomes one of the most interesting and managed to reinforce the theme that you want," said Diemaz again. The use of red color in the fingers strongly supports the harmonization of colors with the body as a whole. SuperMoto characteristics can be seen with the provision of cover on the front tomorrow. Likewise, by making the front fender like a trail bike.